Popular fabrics used for Leggings

Mar 12 , 2021



Popular fabrics used for Leggings

For a long time, society has regarded leggings as untidy and messy or just something that you slip on when you're roaming around in the comfort of your home instead of putting on hard denim.

Leggings have developed from something sporty to a restricted item just for gymming or yoga activities because they were regarded as being too revealing and "not appropriate" for public wear.

This worldwide stereotype is slowly beginning to change, as we know Leggings Are Pants, as we see fashion icons such as The Kardashians, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez and more strolling around in a comfortable pair of leggings as if they were one of us, or us one of them. 

Leggings are available in a variety of fabrics and have different features that suit your desired texture, size, color, etc. We'll discuss some of the popular fabrics used to make leggings. 

  1. Spandex - one of the most common fabrics used for the making of gym leggings because of its ability to stretch but also hugs the body like a glove 
  2. Nylon - They are lightweight, wrinkle-free yet remarkably durable ensuring long-lasting fashion leggings. 
  3. Nylon-Spandex - One legging with the best of both worlds. While having the elasticity feature of Spandex, it has the lightweight, wrinkle-free feature of Nylon. 
  4. Polyester - This is a hydrophobic fabric which means they are able to resist water penetration, meaning they are moisture-wicking which makes it less sticky if you sweat a lot. This is ideal for workout leggings.
  5. Wool - Less popular because they a bit pricey but are specifically designed for places that are constantly cold. These are ideal winter leggings 

Lastly, but not least.

  1. Cotton - They feel soft against your skin and are generally comfortable to wear but are not very stretchy, so they will lose shape over time. Cotton leggings are more common when making maternity leggings. Legging manufacturers, therefore, add fibers of Spandex to increase the elasticity. They also are not moisture-wicking so they do not breathe well. 

So there you go! A summarized yet detailed explanation of what materials we use for our sexxy leggings. 


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