Leggings are Pants!


Women wearing leggings as pants is a phenomenon that is known for causing the wrinkled skin of the aged to crawl.  It is our duty to make it known to everyone that Leggings are Pants!


America’s most trusted online dictionary, Merriam-Webster,  defines pants as outer garments that cover each leg separately.” It makes no mention as to how the garment should fit, its transparency ratio, or does it specify the type of material it should be. Technically, leggings fit the definition of being pants perfectly. 


I fail to understand why people are still obsessing over women not being able to wear leggings publicly. Leggings fit all body shapes without reshaping the silhouette and do not have the hassle of uncomfortable zips, buttons and pockets as most hard denim jeans. 


FYI: Skinny jeans are just as tight as leggings and no one has a problem with that! #JustSaying


Getting back to the issue at hand, another pro about wearing leggings is that they can be worn to work or a professional business meeting. Sweatpants on the other hand, which are in fact classified as pants, cannot be worn on such occasions because of their extreme casual look which appears untidy, whereas leggings can be dressed up or down.


As I was saying, match a pair of leggings with a formal shirt, ankle boots, topped with a beige coat for a comfortable yet stylish professional winter look.


Leggings are openly worn for yoga, gym, or public jogging without complaints. Why does the perception change when not exercising? If it’s because rando pervs cannot concentrate while doing what they do, should we bear the brunt? I think those rando pervs need help.


Now that we have established that Leggings are Pants. People should start being happy that women are embracing their shape, curves, and form. Women today are embracing their bodies and not hiding behind ten layers of unnecessary clothing. Not only are these unnecessary but end up being expensive and creating piles of laundry. 


In conclusion, a witty bird once tweeted, “If wearing leggings as pants is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!”


By: Siaan Simon