Patterned Leggings... Are They Still In Style?

Apr 03 , 2021



Patterned Leggings... Are They Still In Style?

Here we go again with the “Are leggings still in style?” questions. To answer your question, anything can be in style if you make it and also you shouldn’t be concerned about what other people think, you can wear whatever you want, remember to embrace your shape!

Our focus in this article will be based on the popular question “Are patterned leggings still in style?”

Currently, there are so many different types of fashion and gym leggings available. They range from thick and fluffy to super-thin or transparent. Many different fabrics are used to make leggings, which could make for great summer or winter leggings. If we were identifying the best seasons to wear different leggings, one may say leggings can be worn throughout the year. 

Let’s face it, we all love leggings. We just do. It’s hard to dislike something that makes us feel as comfortable as they do.

If you have ever wished you could wear them at work too, it can totally be done. Our leggings are pants, most of our leggings are workout leggings but we have some “office appropriate” leggings on our website too.


Sweaters and Shoes

With the right attitude (and jewelry, sometimes), most sweaters will look good with leggings, as long as they are solid colors and preferably match the color that appears most in the leggings. 

If you love wearing shirts, like chambray ones, which are wide and hip-length, it is very easy to put together a great casual outfit. When paired with shoes in the style of Vans, this outfit will truly shine. And if you have a night out, put on heels and you are all set.

When winter comes around... sweatshirts, pullovers, and slouchy sweaters look great with patterned leggings. We would also suggest that you invest in themed leggings, such as ones with winter designs. You can even layer a dress with leggings during colder months.

To bring a cozy and comfy vibe to your outfit, we suggest boots, preferably Uggs or knee-high boots. This way you’ll have an outfit that is comfortable from head to toe.



Jackets go very well with patterned leggings so you can experiment with various looks. Ranging from a plain Black leather jacket to Denim tops, it is difficult to go wrong.

Of course, it depends on the look that you are going for or the occasion the outfit is put together for. Here are a few things we’d suggest:

For an everyday look, rocker-style jackets look beautiful with most tops. They also work for night-out outfits, so you have a 2-in-1 jacket to wear.

Cardigans are also a lovely option, suitable during spring mostly. They are very feminine and go well with most patterned leggings. We would recommend wearing complementary colors, in this case, which will make the outfit appear well-thought-out.



Most looks you can create with patterned leggings are either one for gym or casual. But this does not mean you cannot match accessories.

We’re not just talking about earrings, a watch, or simple bracelets. Statement pieces, such as layered chain necklaces, stacked bracelets and rings look great with most sweaters and camo-patterned leggings, just to give you an idea.

As for bags, clutch bags are always in style and you can never go wrong with them. Whether you are wearing a casual or formal outfit, a clutch bag looks great.

Other bags you can use are small backpacks or over-the-shoulder sling bags. There are numerous cute designs to choose from and they are also a good choice when it comes to practicality, as they’re comfortable, too.

We now know that patterned leggings are, indeed, still in style in 2021.

They go well with different shirts, sweaters, jackets, and shoes and are super comfortable. So what’s not to love??

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