How To Wear Your Leggings??

Mar 02 , 2021



How To Wear Your Leggings??

No! I am not about to explain to you how you should take the leggings, and hold them in front of your body while inserting your legs into each hole. One-by-one...  

Unfortunately,  there has been a misconception about leggings. Some people feel that if you’re wearing a short dress, you should wear it with a pair of leggings to make it look more modest. Or perhaps, your leggings are the ‘go-to’ when you’re about to start exercising.

Your gym leggings do not have to be preserved for such “special” occasions. I say “special” because, like me, you may only exercise randomly, or only wear a dress when you have to. Maybe your leggings are just that extra layer of material that you slip on under your dress, skirt, or even pants when it is freezing outside.

The point I am trying to make is that leggings are meant to be worn like any regular pair of pants. You might think to yourself, “Why is she saying this?” The simple answer is to eliminate the idea that your mother, grandmother, aunts – or even their aunts put into your head: “that your rear end and camel toe shouldn’t be seen.” In other words, they’re trying to convince you that leggings are ‘under’ garments and when wearing them,  your clothing should ‘cover’ the area below your waist and above your knees. Just as everything else in this world, things evolve and in this instance leggings have done just that, becoming a piece of apparel that can double up as workout leggings and fashion pants. is a compromise between exercise and leisure, all you have to do is take your pick!

Fashion leggings are designed to work for a smart casual, or even formal look for the office, date night, club, or ‘luncheon’. With a white shirt, trench coat, and furry ankle boots, the leggings will appear, not only professional and stylish but provide you with comfort as well.

For a stylish luxe look, opt for leather leggings! These leather leggings insulate warmth while matching all those evening blouses hanging in your wardrobe.  

And for the fitness gurus who need to wear tights daily, our workout leggings collection are designed just for you. The styles range from “yoga-leggings, sexy-camo-pants” to “booty-lifting leggings”. The NEW and TRENDING Scrunch Bubble Butt leggings a.k.a ‘Tik Tok’ leggings’ - with a high waist style, anti-cellulite material, booty lifting features,  your body will have the freedom to move in whichever position it wants to. 

Every woman should be able to wear leggings as you would wear any other pair of trousers because they are in fact pants. And if your underwear poses a threat, consult the article entitled “Go Commando Or Not” for some motivation. Just remember - we’re talking about a normal pair of ‘pants’ here. 

And for those of you who feel that your size does not belong in a pair of leggings, then I have good news for you. has a plus-size collection, this collection is specifically designed for those of us with more meat on our bones but still want to look fashionable. These leggings will also perfectly shape your physique, and make you look stylish while still feeling comfortable.

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