Go Commando or Not!

Well, the simple answer would be -  IT DEPENDS. It depends on the material of the leggings, the transparency, the color, the pattern, the elasticity, etc. Many factors contribute to the decision of whether you should or should not wear underwear with leggings. One can reason, if the outline of the panty cannot be seen through the tights then no problem, but if your whole panty steals the sight of everyone, then it may be time to go commando. 


Anti-cellulite scrunch bubble butt leggings are designed to prevent cellulite from showing through whilst flattening your stomach and lifting your butt.

These leggings act as an invisible cloak for cellulite. If cellulite doesn't show, the panty lines won't show. A back-up plan is a seamless thong-like designs. But on the other hand, if you are brave and bold, go commando and be free. 


Whereas the mesh pattern fitness leggings have a design consisting of many diagonal lines around the bikini area. Therefore, it will camouflage the panty lines if they are visible.

However, if you're afraid of your panty lines showing and going commando is not your style, then we suggest you make use of our Shape Wear.  Our ShapeWear serves as a tummy tuck as well as a booty lifter giving you an hourglass figure. These briefs are in fact seamless and are designed like a panty so they can actually be worn with any item of clothing.

Unfortunately, this is a grey area so we cannot give you a definite answer whether you and can or cannot wear your underwear with leggings.  So, to go commando or not -  is all on you.