Embracing Your Body Affects Your Health

May 15 , 2021



Embracing Your Body Affects Your Health


Our bodies will not remain the same forever. It will inevitably grow, stretch, and eventually sag as we age. No part of your body will forever remain youthful and vibrant. This is a truth many women struggle to comprehend. You’ve realized that the size 2 jeans you once slipped into so easily, no longer moves beyond your thighs and this stresses you out. As a consequence, you try to find ways to lose weight - fad diets, yoga and gym, in the hopes of regaining your once-perfect body. The reality is, however, that every woman should be proud and confident about their body because there is no such thing as the perfect body

We should be proud of the way we look not only because body positivity has become a popular trend, but because it’s important for our mental health as well. We are not saying that you should not work out at all. Exercise is important for your body, but if you are continuously exercising without seeing any changes, then maybe that is just the way your body should be shaped for now, and that is what you need to embrace. The process of it all. Of becoming the woman you are meant to be and find yourself in the mess that is society. 

These days there is a big emphasis on the importance of exercising, which has always been good and positive since people truly need to become more aware of all the benefits that come with regular exercise. Thanks to social media, there are many tips and tricks that can help you get in shape, but also, there are multiple fitness influencers with great bodies that can make one feel self-conscious because they don’t have what is essentially a “real” body.


Your Body is Special 

You might sometimes not want it and compare yourself to your friends but the truth is your body is responsible for everything that you do. It protects all the organs that you need in order to survive. It protects us from the outside world and is our first defense against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. 

So, instead of obsessing over your flaws, aim to accept yourself for who you truly are. You can do this by embracing your body with flaws and all. A bit of tummy fat or flabby arms might look less attractive to most people, but they have been with you throughout your entire life and it will continue to be with you for the rest of your days. So thank your body for everything it has done and for all that it is yet to do. 


Be Motivated

Plan a diet, drink less alcohol, change your training plan, stop smoking, get enough sleep, all these factors contribute to your weight. If you want to get a ‘better body’ then you need to discipline yourself to follow through with your decision. It doesn’t make sense for you to tell yourself that you want to lose weight but you binge-watch series while gobbling down junk food and then falling asleep every day. 

This is the hardest part of the journey, your mentality towards yourself. But once you learn to change it, you will feel a confidence in yourself that you never knew you had! In reality, it comes down to your health, not just your body image. You will suffer less from diseases, aches and pains, and illnesses of all kinds if you change your habits. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for wanting to look better or do better in all aspects of life.

Being healthy doesn’t exactly mean you don’t have back rolls when you sit down, that you will never eat Mcdonalds ever again, that you’ll never miss a single workout or that you will never get drunk! Being healthy starts from the inside. It is finding the courage to make the effort and putting in the time and energy to get stronger and fitter. Once you reach this point, your Sexxy Leggings await.

“Acceptance of one’s self is the first step to real beauty” - Unknown

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