Embracing your curves on the 4th of July

Jul 04 , 2021


Justin Kettle

Embracing your curves on the 4th of July

Each year on the 4th of July we come together to commemorate the Declaration of Independence and celebrate our freedom, around which the American culture is centered. Freedom can mean many things to different people, there is a myriad of freedoms to be associated with every person. However the one freedom we all carry around with us is the freedom to be completely ourselves, to embrace who we are and to be at ease inside the bodies we inhabit. This is the freedom we would like to celebrate with you on the 4th of July. 

One of the greatest misconceptions of our time is that all bodies are supposed to conform to a single body type. This is especially true for women who have for years been plagued with unattainable beauty standards instigated and perpetuated through the media. But if all bodies were meant to look the same, there would be nothing to distinguish us from each other, nothing to make us unique and to allow us to develop all of the quirks that make our culture so vibrant. We are all meant to look different, speak differently and walk differently, and ultimately find our place in this world.

While many people advocate for body positivity, even that has come to represent a certain body type. However, accepting our bodies is also accepting other people’s bodies and understanding that there will never be an ideal body type. If we are able to criticize someone else’s body then we are truly not at ease with our own. Similarly, if you have to justify your body shape by disqualifying another’s, then you have not embraced your own body. We have to accept that every person’s body is unique and that they will choose to celebrate their bodies in their own way. 

There are many women on Instagram receiving flack for posting half naked pictures or showing their stretch marks and cellulite because it goes against the status quo. Having the confidence to present yourself in this way doesn’t make you more confident or more body positive than any other woman, it simply means that this is the way you have selected to embrace your body. There are however other more subtle ways to do this, you can celebrate your body by wearing your favorite color dress or by wearing leggings as pants. It could even be as simple as not editing the pictures you post, or taking pictures without wearing make up. 

At Sexxy Leggings we are always looking for new ways to celebrate YOU, your body and your unique shape and we endeavor to advocate for body positivity as much as we can. We believe that embracing your body is a freedom that should be afforded to all women not just on the 4th of July but every single day.

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